There is no cancellation policy for new virtual registrants as attendance is FREE. Registrants will be able to access bbcon 2020 Virtual content on-demand through November 18, 2020.  Blackbaud will only issue cancellations for registrants who submit a written request to from the and we encourage you to sign up all team members looking to access the content.


bbcon 2020

Paid in-person registrants received an email with instructions on how to request a refund and a deadline to complete this action by July 3, 2020. All registrants who paid by invoice will receive a refund or a confirmation that the invoice has been cancelled if it is not already paid. Note that refunds may take up to 45 days to complete due to processing. All refunds will be issued by September 15, 2020. If you registered a group of attendees, please ensure you or all group members completed this request. Email us at if you have any concerns! 

All current registrants who did not take the action above by July 3 will receive a full refund for paid registrations and were automatically registered for access to bbcon 2020 Virtual in July 2020.


bbcon 2020 Sydney

Paid in-person registrants for bbcon 2020 Sydney you received instructions to process a refund. These individuals will need to register separately for bbcon 2020 Virtual. Please contact our Marketing team at if you have any concerns.