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Odessa Jenkins
Emtrain/Women's National Football Conference
Allan Hoffmann
Elizabeth Price
Blackbaud Canada

How are leading Canadian social good organizations similar to winning sports teams? Just as important as the performance of each individual player, so is the optimization and coordination of the team. To keep the group in peak form, it is essential to have the right balance of talent, equipment, preparation, and cooperation. Similarly, in the field of fundraising, these principles lay the foundation for success. Join our Canadian Super Session with guest speaker Odessa Jenkins, president at Emtrain and founder and CEO of the Women's National Football Conference in conversation with Elizabeth Price, marketing director of Blackbaud Canada and former personal trainer, to learn how you can enhance the fitness of your fundraising team. Get your organization in top form by introducing winning plays, using high-efficiency tools, and enhancing collaboration to drive a culture of performance that delivers results.

This session will also include highlights from the Canadian landscape with Blackbaud Canada's president and general manager, Allan Hoffmann.



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