Campaigns from Start to Finish
Learn how to build a marketing campaign from ideation to implementation. From print materials to your online presence to your overall messaging, you can use your Blackbaud NetCommunity resources to propel your mission and vision. Whether you're promoting an event, a fundraising initiative, or niche program, creating a succinct campaign brings momentum and energy around your organization. In this session, you’ll receive practical tips on how to highlight your organization's most specific needs by crafting an unforgettable campaign.

Please note that all functionality discussed in this session may not be available for every region. Contact your local sales representative for any questions or guidance.
USA and Other Countries
Wednesday, October 7, 2020
1:15 PM - 1:45 PM (EDT)


Organization Type
Arts & Cultural Organizations, Faith Communities, Foundations, Healthcare Organizations, Higher Education Institutions, K-12 Schools, Nonprofit Organizations
Solution Focus
Advocacy, Fundraising, Marketing
Job Role/Function
Director of Marketing, Grassroots & Advocacy, Marketing Staff
Blackbaud Solutions
Blackbaud NetCommunity™
Knowledge Level
Advanced | 3+ years of experience with the topic/product; well-versed in all functions‚ looking to learn complexities and new trends