Corporate Volunteering for a Remote-Centric Workforce

Post pandemic, many companies will stay remote or in a hybrid remote model. Because of this sea of change, there is opportunity to create a hybrid, more sustainable approach to volunteerism and employee engagement. Remote engagement can eliminate travel time to different volunteer sites, giving employees more time to volunteer and the ability to collaborate with colleagues across the world and volunteer in regions they may not have been able to before. Looking ahead virtual volunteering will remain a part of the traditional in-person engagement model proving that it can foster meaningful change with measurable results.

Organization Type
Job Type
Board, Business Office, CFO, Executive, HR / CSR, Volunteer
Solution Focus
Employee Volunteering
Blackbaud Solutions
Blackbaud′s YourCause
Knowledge Level
Advanced: 3+ years of experience with the topic/product; well-versed in all functions‚ looking to learn complexities and new trends