Moving Out: Effectively Converting Your Data with Blackbaud CRM

Data conversion is a critical success factor of any CRM implementation project. A new CRM provides opportunities to re-evaluate data governance practices and develop efficient and effective processes that leverage technology to capture and preserve your data assets. Legacy data must be evaluated and mapped to the new database, cleaned or transformed to meet business objectives, and carefully aligned with process refinement decisions. In this session you'll hear strategies and tactics used by the University of Arizona Foundation during their Blackbaud CRM implementation project. 

Organization Type
Companies, Faith Communities, Foundations, Healthcare Organizations, Higher Education Institutions, Individual Change Agents, K-12 Schools, Nonprofit Organizations, Arts & Cultural Organizations
Higher Education
Job Type
Database Admin / IS, Development / Advancement, IT
Solution Focus
Blackbaud Solutions
Blackbaud CRM™, Blackbaud Internet Solutions™
Knowledge Level
Intermediate: 1-3 years of experience with the topic/product; comfortable with basic functions; looking to dive deeper