Compassionate Leadership in a Contentious Climate
Leaders today face a world of increasing contention. Social issues, COVID concerns, and the partisanship of politics all contribute to create a complex and challenging environment for organizational leaders.

To successfully motivate stakeholders and advance their organizations, leaders must adopt an authentic, relationship based model which compassionately seeks to engage people at the interpersonal level.

This session shows how tact, transparency, and time can create an environment where employees flourish to the benefit of the organization.
Organization Type
Companies, Faith Communities, Higher Education Institutions, K-12 Schools, Nonprofit Organizations
Faith Communities
Job Type
Board, CFO, Executive, Pastor / Church
Solution Focus
Church Management, Education Management, Employee Volunteering
Knowledge Level
Advanced: 3+ years of experience with the topic/product; well-versed in all functions‚ looking to learn complexities and new trends