Liberating Structures: Leading for Innovation
The world is changing. COVID-19, technology advancements, and social movements are at a confluence. Workforce expectations are evolving, driven by a desire for authentic engagement, values alignment, and shared purpose. As we strive adapt, we need to cultivate leadership skills like courage, empathy, and connection to remove barriers to inclusion and increase engagement. The challenge is how.

Liberating Structures introduces shifts in the ways we meet, plan, decide, and relate to one another to put the innovative power in the hands of everyone. In this session, you’ll learn what liberating structures means and how you can leverage this dynamic approach.
Organization Type
Companies, Faith Communities, Foundations, Healthcare Organizations, Higher Education Institutions, Individual Change Agents, K-12 Schools, Nonprofit Organizations, Arts & Cultural Organizations
Sector Leadership & Trends
Job Type
Academic, Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Admissions / Enrollment, Board, Business Office, CFO, Database Admin / IS, Development / Advancement, Executive, Grants, HR / CSR, IT, Membership, Pastor / Church, Patient Liaison, Programs / Mission Management, Scholarship / Award, Visitor Services, Volunteer
Solution Focus
Advocacy, Award Management, Church Management, Data Enrichment Services, Direct Marketing, Education Management, Employee Giving, Employee Volunteering, Financial Aid Management, Fund Accounting, Fundraising, Grantmaking, Marketing, Merchant Services, Modeling & Prospect Research, Payables, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Performance Analysis and Benchmarking, Ticketing, Tuition Management
Knowledge Level
Advanced: 3+ years of experience with the topic/product; well-versed in all functions‚ looking to learn complexities and new trends