Managing Tithes and Offerings So You Can Care For People: Enter Financial Edge NXT

You care about your congregation and communicate that giving is not only a means for meeting financial needs, but also an indicator of what we love and whom we trust. One way you can help your congregation believe that you love them for more than their gifts is to spend less time on accounting and finances, and more time leading and caring for them. Learn a little about Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, a complete fund accounting software solution designed specifically for churches and nonprofits. Effectively manage financial reporting, monitor and track program success, and support fundraising efforts, all in one complete church accounting software system built to streamline financial processes and ensure the overall integrity of your church’s financial office. With a better user experience with less manual effort, you’ll spend more time with your congregation and less time in the office.

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Faith Communities
Faith Communities
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Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Executive, Business Office, Pastor / Church
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Church Management, Fund Accounting, Fundraising
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Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®
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Basic: 0-1 years of experience with the topic/product; looking for a basic introduction