Transforming Automation & Integration for Blackbaud CRM

This session will cover how nonprofits are using the BrightVine Data Link Integration Engine to address the need for automation, a structured process for data integration, and data hygiene.  Hear from organizations like World Wildlife Fund and Boston College who are using the latest, cutting-edge, fully integrated and Blackbaud Cloud approved product.

Organization Type
Faith Communities, Healthcare Organizations, Higher Education Institutions, Nonprofit Organizations
Fundraising & Marketing
Job Type
Database Admin / IS, Development / Advancement, Executive, IT
Solution Focus
Data Enrichment Services, Direct Marketing, Fundraising
Blackbaud Solutions
Blackbaud CRM™
Knowledge Level
Basic: 0-1 years of experience with the topic/product; looking for a basic introduction, Advanced: 3+ years of experience with the topic/product; well-versed in all functions‚ looking to learn complexities and new trends, Intermediate: 1-3 years of experience with the topic/product; comfortable with basic functions; looking to dive deeper