Sparking Joy with Campaigns, Funds and Appeals
Does your marketing code structure spark joy? In this session, we will explore how to assess, redesign and remap Campaigns, Funds and Appeals for best practice and for maximum efficiency. We'll explore how a well-designed marketing code structure can facilitate optimum reporting, segmentation, forecasting, and gift tracking. We'll take a fun, goal-oriented approach based on the popular tidying advice of organizer Marie Kondo: 1. Commit 2. Imagine the ideal 3. Discard what's not needed first, 4. Organize by category, 5. Follow the right order, 6. Ask if it sparks joy
Organization Type
Faith Communities, Healthcare Organizations, Higher Education Institutions, K-12 Schools, Nonprofit Organizations, Arts & Cultural Organizations
Fundraising & Marketing
Job Type
Business Office, Database Admin / IS, Development / Advancement, Membership
Solution Focus
Direct Marketing, Fund Accounting, Fundraising, Performance Analysis and Benchmarking
Blackbaud Solutions
Blackbaud Raiser′s Edge NXT®, Raiser′s Edge®
Knowledge Level
Basic: 0-1 years of experience with the topic/product; looking for a basic introduction, Intermediate: 1-3 years of experience with the topic/product; comfortable with basic functions; looking to dive deeper