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Track Name Speakers More Info
AnalyticsBest Practices in Major Gift Portfolio Management
AnalyticsExpanded Gift Capacity: Find More Donor-Advised Fund and Family Fund Donors with Analytics
AnalyticsFrom Data to Influence: How We’ve Used ResearchPoint to Launch Data-Driven Strategies
AnalyticsInsights, Actions, and Lessons Learned: Takeaways from Collaborative Benchmarking
AnalyticsPicture This: A Story of Data Visualization
AnalyticsUsing Data to Create a Culture of Philanthropy
Arts & Cultural
Arts & CulturalBuilding or Beefing Up Your Year-End Campaign
Arts & CulturalExploring Priorities for Digital Transformation in Museum Membership
Arts & CulturalIntegrating the database into your organization's DNA
Arts & CulturalLaundry and Data Clean-up
Arts & CulturalSUPER SESSION: Run It Like A Business: For-Profit Ideas for Nonprofits
Arts & CulturalYour Hidden Helper! Automating Operations in Altru
CompaniesApplying a DE&I Lens to Corporate Grantmaking
CompaniesCorporate Volunteering for a Remote-Centric Workforce
CompaniesFireside Chat with Fedex+ Goodera on Virtual Volunteering
CompaniesReadiness + Responsibility = Well-Being
CompaniesSimplify Employee Giving Campaigns Through YourCause
CompaniesSUPER SESSION: Advancing Racial Equity Through Data & Transparency
Cyber Security
Cyber SecurityCybersecurity 101: General Best Practices
Cyber SecurityElevate your Fraud & Security Game: How Blackbaud is helping you to help your organization protect against Financial Fraud and Cybersecurity Risks
Cyber SecuritySecuring a SaaS Based, Product Centric Ecosystem: How to Protect Your Cloud Environments
Faith Communities
Faith CommunitiesAdvanced Strategies to Modernize Your Annual Appeal
Faith CommunitiesCompassionate Leadership in a Contentious Climate
Faith CommunitiesCookin' with Fire, Peer-2-Peer Heating Up Faith Fundraising
Faith CommunitiesDo Good, Better. Humanizing Fundraising for Mission-based Organizations
Faith CommunitiesManaging Tithes and Offerings So You Can Care For People: Enter Financial Edge NXT
Faith CommunitiesSUPER SESSION: The Heart of the Mission: Simple Ways to Bring People to Jesus
Faith CommunitiesTheir Mission, Your Mission
Faith CommunitiesYou Say Too Much. Say Less; They’ll Listen More!
Financial Management
Financial ManagementBlackbaud Financial Edge NXT Accounts Receivable - Deep Dive
Financial ManagementBlackbaud Financial Edge NXT Allocations - Deep Dive
Financial ManagementCashflow Conversations
Financial ManagementCreating a Cash-based Income Statement with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
Financial ManagementCreating Your Best Practice Guide for Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
Financial ManagementImplementing Blackbaud Purchase Cards!
Financial ManagementInfusing Change With Empathy, Equity, & Experimentation
Financial ManagementManaging Cash Flow in Uncertain Times
Financial ManagementPartnerships in Grantmaking Using Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT and Blackbaud Grantmaking
Financial ManagementReading Nonprofit Financial Statements
Financial ManagementTechnology and the Future of the Finance Department
Financial ManagementYou’re in Control! Managing Your New Financial Solution
Focus on Tech
Focus on TechBuilding an Integration with the Blackbaud API
Focus on TechMaking the Web Accessible to All
FoundationsA Grantmaker's Guide to Trust-Based Philanthropy
FoundationsBeyond Grantmaking: Telling Your Impact Story
FoundationsBlackbaud Grantmaking, Raiser's Edge NXT, and Financial Edge NXT: A Throuple for the History Books
FoundationsIgniting Your Impact: Why Moving to the Cloud Solution for Community Foundations is Right--Right Now
FoundationsNPact Presents: The Solutions Within The Cloud Solution for Community Foundations
FoundationsPrivate Foundation IRS Requirements & Accounting Practices
FoundationsSUPER SESSION: Foundations Forward: How Sustainable and Strategic Giving Helps Us All
Fundraising & Marketing
Fundraising & MarketingA Case for Post-Pandemic P2P: 2021 Data and Insights
Fundraising & MarketingAnalytics and Blackbaud eTapestry: Making your data work for you
Fundraising & MarketingCan Raiser's Edge and Salesforce Live and Work in Harmony? Yes!
Fundraising & MarketingCool Tips and Tricks with Blackbaud TeamRaiser
Fundraising & MarketingCreating and Maintaining a Sustaining Donor Campaign with Blackbaud eTapestry
Fundraising & MarketingCrowdfunding and peer-to-peer with Blackbaud eTapestry
Fundraising & MarketingCustomizable Reports in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
Fundraising & MarketingDonor Services and You: Optimizing the Donor Journey
Fundraising & MarketingEssential building blocks of strong sustainer programs
Fundraising & MarketingExamining New Donor Expectations & Technology
Fundraising & MarketingHarnessing the Opportunity of Digital Transformation
Fundraising & MarketingHow to take your virtual fundraising to the next level
Fundraising & MarketingI don't like SPAM! Tips to manage an engaged email list with Blackbaud Luminate Online
Fundraising & MarketingIn-person events, now? Yes! Let's talk results
Fundraising & MarketingLearning from the London Marathon in Lockdown
Fundraising & MarketingLet's Get ... Virtual! Running Successful Fundraising Events
Fundraising & MarketingLove & Money: A Titillating Tale of Analytics & Strategy
Fundraising & MarketingManaging Lead Identification & Discovery Using Blackbaud CRM
Fundraising & MarketingMaximizing the relationship between Raiser's Edge and Financial Edge
Fundraising & MarketingNew Challenges, New Solutions
Fundraising & MarketingQuick Wins: Empowering Database Managers
Fundraising & MarketingRaiser's Edge/Financial Edge NXT Real Time Database Connectivity for Reporting
Fundraising & MarketingRaiser's Edge NXT Tips & Tricks - WFH Edition
Fundraising & MarketingSo, you integrated Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT and Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, powered by JustGiving... Now what?
Fundraising & MarketingSparking Joy with Campaigns, Funds and Appeals
Fundraising & MarketingTake your Gift Agreements to the NEXT LEVEL with UCONN
Fundraising & MarketingThe Kiltwalk: Scotland’s powerful fundraising model and event series
Fundraising & MarketingThe "New Normal" Roadmap for Online Fundraising
Fundraising & MarketingThe Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Fundraising & MarketingThe Status of UK Fundraising 2021
Fundraising & MarketingTransforming Automation & Integration for Blackbaud CRM
Fundraising & MarketingUsing the Microsoft Power Platform with Raiser's Edge: Low- and No-Code Options!
Fundraising & MarketingUtilizing Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT for Online Engagement
Fundraising & MarketingWhat Is a Database Manager? The SeQueL
Fundraising & MarketingWhat is Your Data Teaching You? From Basic to Boss
Fundraising & MarketingWhy Database Managers Should Use Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Web View
Grant & Award Management
Grant & Award Management272 Characters: Making the Most of Blackbaud Award Managements SMS Functionality
Grant & Award ManagementAward Management at Large, Public Universities (Panel)
Grant & Award ManagementCreating Meaningful Partnerships: Healthcare Foundations and Blackbaud Grantmaking
Grant & Award ManagementEliminate Bias in Grantmaking
Grant & Award ManagementFunding Smarter: Using Blackbaud Grantmaking and Candid Tools to Inform and Share Your Foundation’s Work
Grant & Award ManagementWork Smarter Not Harder: Tips and Tricks for Using Blackbaud Award Management
HealthcareA Candid Conversation on Working with Compliance and IT to Get What You Need AND Protect Patient Information
HealthcareAchieve More of What’s Possible With Data
HealthcareBoosting Gift Officer Performance Through Recognition – Oscar Award Style
HealthcareBoost Your Donor Engagement using Workflow Designer in Raiser's Edge NXT
HealthcareBring Your Mission to Life with Your Digital Experience
HealthcareSuccessfully Fundraising for Community Health Projects
HealthcareSUPER SESSION: New Healthcare Trends and Insight Designed to Spark Your Fundraising
HealthcareUsing Financial Integration to Improve Donor Retention – and Professional Relationships
Higher Education
Higher EducationAge in Stage: Prospect Management with Blackbaud Fundraiser Performance Management
Higher EducationBoard Building & Leading with Purpose
Higher EducationCreating a Seamless Matching Gift Process
Higher EducationDiversity, Equity and Innovation on Campus: The OHUB Story
Higher EducationEmbedding Blackbaud Data into the Development Culture
Higher EducationGuided Fundraising: A Recipe for Multi-Channel Success
Higher EducationHigher Education Strategy and Solution Overview
Higher EducationMaking the Case for Sustainers in Higher Ed
Higher EducationMoving Out: Effectively Converting Your Data with Blackbaud CRM
Higher EducationNew Officer Roles Calls for New Rules in Portfolios
Higher EducationPlan the Work, Work the Plan.
Higher EducationSUPER SESSION: Delivering Impact Across Campus
Higher EducationThe Power of Integrations with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
K–12Is There an Easier Way? Parent Data in Raiser's Edge NXT for K-12
K–12SUPER SESSION: K–12 Schools
K–12The Art of Communicating the Soul of Your Organization
K–12Trends in Raising Major Gifts Post-COVID19
NonprofitsCANADA SUPER SESSION: Building Team Strength for Healthy, High-Performing Organizations
NonprofitsMoney Mindset for Fundraisers
NonprofitsNONPROFIT SUPER SESSION: Sustaining Wellbeing for Last Leg of Pandemic & Beyond
NonprofitsOur Implementation Journey: Tips and tricks for moving CRMs
NonprofitsPitch Perfect: How Charities Can Build Better Partnerships
NonprofitsThe Three Numbers you Need for Fundraising Success
PaymentsBlackbaud Merchant Services Tips and Tricks
PaymentsExtending Payment Options for Your Organization with Paypal
PaymentsGetting the Most out of the New Blackbaud MobilePay Terminal
PaymentsPayments API Deep Dive: A Hands-on Guide to Integrating with Blackbaud Merchant Services
PaymentsUnlock and Accelerate Growth with Blackbaud Merchant Services
Professional Development
Professional DevelopmentBusiness Problem to Solve? Find Out the "Why"!
Professional DevelopmentEngaging Your Team in the Next Normal
Professional DevelopmentHow to Have Powerful Conversations
Sector Leadership & Trends
Sector Leadership & TrendsLiberating Structures: Leading for Innovation
Sector Leadership & TrendsThe Digital-First Fundraising Revolution
Sector Leadership & TrendsThe Great Reset: Recent Trends & The Road Ahead
Sector Leadership & TrendsUsing CCF to Transform Your Fundraising
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