Full Name
Lee Johnson
Job Title
Global Nonprofit Success Manager
Speaker Bio
Lee Johnson transferred to the social good space more than 12 years ago. He began working with the Craigslist Foundation and was inspired by the people and ideas that were leading change in local communities and around the world. From that initial spark, he spent many years working with nonprofits to achieve their fundraising goals through technology that empowers individual supporters to take action. Lee spent almost 7 years at Blackbaud creating philanthropy programs that deliver community impact and raise more money for the causes participants care about. He now works with nonprofits through Splunk’s Global Impact Pledge to help nonprofits leverage their data to make stronger decisions faster in the Data Age. Lee graduated from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. He advises startups focused on Social Good and nonprofits in his spare time.
Lee Johnson