Full Name
Kieran Blanks
Job Title
Chief Growth & Development Officer
Speaker Bio

Kieran Blanks is the CoFounder and Chief Growth Officer at OHUB Futures, a social enterprise committed to skilling, reskilling, and upskilling underrepresented communities of color to enable them to participate in the lucrative Fourth Industrial Revolution fully. Blanks has spent over a decade leveraging his business acumen to uncover opportunities to close widespread gaps in access for the next generation of digital natives through better design education, more inclusive communities, and more accessible technology. VentureBeat has featured his work and commentary, along with Revolution’s Rise of the Rest (ROTR), UNCF, Singularity University, and General Assembly- to name a few. Kieran hopes to cement his legacy in the social sector by continuing to implement and provide resources and education to ensure an equitable and inclusive future for everyone, everywhere.

Kieran Blanks