Full Name
Marti Arvin
Job Title
Executive Advisor
CynergisTek, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Marti Arvin brings more than three decades of operational and executive leadership experience in the fields of compliance, privacy, information security, research and regulatory oversight in academic medical and traditional hospital care settings to her position in CynergisTek. Arvin leads strategic business development around compliance services and utilizes her industry recognized expertise in healthcare compliance to inform the development of compliance, privacy, and security services to meet healthcare’s under served needs. She is a nationally recognized speaker and contributor to the thought leadership around healthcare compliance, privacy, information security, and research, and contributes to CynergisTek’s industry outreach and educational programs. Arvin has extensive experience in building and managing compliance and programs for large academic medical centers. Arvin previously has held the roles of Chief Compliance Officer and/or Chief Privacy Officer for Regional Care Hospital Partners, the UCLA Health System and David Geffen School of Medicine, the University of Louisville, the University of Pittsburgh Physicians, and the Indiana University School of Medicine. She has a legal background from obtaining her J.D. and holds CHC-F, CCEP-F, CHRC and the CHPC certifications. She is recognized as an expert on compliance and privacy issues from her published articles, lectures and presentations at national conferences. She was a board member to the Health Care Compliance Association between 2008 and 2011 and was on the Compliance Certification Advisory Board for over eight years. She also served on the certification committee for the CHC, CHC-F, CCEP, CCEP-F, CHRC and CHPC.
Marti Arvin