To: [insert name]
From: [insert name]

Subject:  Here’s why I can’t miss bbcon 2023 live in Denver


Dear [insert supervisor’s name],

I’m writing to ask your approval to attend bbcon, Blackbaud’s Tech Conference to Fuel Social Impact, in Denver from October 22–24, 2023.

This is the first time bbcon has been in-person since 2019, and the event offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and development, with best practices sessions, hands-on training through Blackbaud University Day (an additional fee), and the ability to make one-on-one connections with super users and industry experts.

Here are some ways our company would benefit from my attendance:

  • Staying ahead of the latest trends: During the keynotes, sessions, and customer success stories, I’ll get to learn what’s new and next from industry leaders
  • Making the most of our Blackbaud investment — With more than 150 breakout sessions, I’ll learn time-saving techniques and best practices for using Blackbaud essential software.
  • Brainstorming how to be groundbreaking — I’ll have a chance to connect directly with peers and leaders from [schools] or [organizations] like ours.
  • Exploring the full social good community— In the bbcon Marketplace, I’ll have an opportunity to talk with Blackbaud partners about their latest products and services that support and extend the capabilities of our current Blackbaud tech stack.

Here’s an approximate breakdown of the costs:

  • Registration:  (insert current pricing)
  • Blackbaud University Day: $595.00
  • Airfare: [insert] (Flights into Denver average about $350, for more accurate costs try searching from your home airport)
  • Hotel:  $220-$280 per night (varies across hotel room blocks – check them out here)
  • Any meals, not covered in conference pass: $100 (most meals are covered, except dinner)
  • Total: [ insert]

After bbcon, I’ll submit a post-conference report with major takeaways and learnings so I can share everything I absorbed at the conference with other team members, and maybe even the larger organization.

Thank you for considering my request. Looking forward to your reply.