Have You Inherited a Mess? Taking Your Database from Hot Mess to Success

Often when you start a new job, you inherit a hot mess of a database. Sound familiar? Join Amy, Sofia, and Marie on a cleanup journey to talk about some best practices and ideas for getting things in shape, including the most important thing: How and where do you start? This presentation will feature real-world examples, tips and tricks, and best practices for dealing with cleanup of addressee/salutations, campaigns, funds, appeals, attributes and code tables, and much, much more. Topics that will be discussed: *Fund and Appeal naming conventions *Reviewing the tabs on a constituent record one by one *How to decide if attributes are outdated and how to clean them up *Addressee/Salutation cleanup *Solicit codes *Export cleanup *Relationships/Organization contacts best processes *AddressAccelerator and Using DataHealth Center to keep things in tip-top shape *Actions: using them well, how Sofie is using them in unique ways, and how to standardize them *Knowledge on how and where to store important data points on a constituent record In addition, a handout will be provided for attendees to take home.
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT, Data Health
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