Building a Culture of Innovation & Breaking Down Silos in Higher Education

Building on the success of University of Manitoba's two key projects to transition from Raiser's Edge® 7 to Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® and level up their business intelligence (BI) while grappling with culture change of a 146-year-old institution, this discussion focuses on applying this very framework to scale outwards, across faculties and administrative departments, to break down barriers and nurture trust. We'll begin with an overview and key learnings from their successful and significant digital transformation journey, including: • Transition from Raiser's Edge 7 to Raiser's Edge NXT • Driving massive culture change • Building a data warehouse and BI We'll review current projects and the impacted department: • Endowment Fund Management (Treasury, Finance, and Faculties) • Bi-directional Mailchimp Integration (Marketing and Brand) • Continued investment in BI (Touches every area of the institution) And we'll conclude with future projects: • Adopting Raiser's Edge NXT as the system of record for alumni across the University (Faculties) • Awards Management and Terms of Reference (Financial Aid and Awards) • Gift Intake (replacing disparate operational processes) • Commercialization

Blackbaud Award Management, Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT, Blackbaud Stewardship Management, SKY UX
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