Grants to Individuals: The Rise of Trust-Based Philanthropy

Individuals experiencing the fallout of disaster events, personal hardship, or mental health and wellbeing crises often get help, but less frequently get the actual help they need. Despite the growing number of fraud cases running rampant in the financial and insurance industries, there is a large faction of people who have limited-to-no-recourse when unexpected events reach their doorsteps, and who could, very literally, reset themselves on a positive trajectory with access to gap-standing financial resources. Trust-based philanthropy’s origin story and foundational principles include the concept of sowing and reaping: the more organizations sow into individuals affected by disaster and hardship, the more those individuals in turn help communities reap a positive harvest through their positive societal contributions. Join Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo Foundation, Head of Employee Volunteerism, Disaster & Global Philanthropy, Anna Bard and E4E Relief’s VP & Director of Marketing and Partnerships, Ashley Oster, as they discuss how, from a CSR perspective, trust-based philanthropy has quickly become the gold standard for company leaders who place a premium on workforce stewardship and a collaborative approach to investing in employees’ overall wellbeing. They will share the social and business outcomes they see directly resulting from grantmaking to individuals and other programs that boost trust and yield high results. Bard and Oster will also discuss how the preservation of individuals’ dignity, autonomy, and human capital-grounded trust-based philanthropy is the baseline for company leaders interested in offering employees the opportunity to both contribute to and receive emergency financial relief.

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