Headwinds in Fundraising and the Role of Data-Driven Storytelling

Donor behaviors are changing. Fundraising as a profession is at a crossroads.  There is increasing competition for philanthropic dollars. How does a leader in this environment stay focused on the guiding star and lead key stakeholders through the chaos? The answers:

  • A data-driven fundraising assessment
  • Understanding the broader context using benchmarking
  • Identifying the key stakeholders
  • Compelling storytelling and change management

Through the specific example of University of North Georgia’s challenges and successes, attendees will learn how Blackbaud’s predictive insights serve as a light in the storm. Attendees will be able to assess:

Challenges in the fundraising environment
        a. Competing values
        b. Changing donor behavior - Benchmarking Trends
        c. Staffing and budget challenges
How to assess your organization’s specific situation within a broader context
        a. What hand have you been dealt at your organization?
        b. What are the unique challenges/opportunities?
        c. How to message to key stakeholders – Managing up
Attendees will leave this session empowered to move into the future of fundraising on a foundation of data-driven insights.

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