Email Drip Campaigns: Build a Blackbaud Luminate Online® Recurring Delivery Campaign with "Drip"

According to, for many in the Gen Z demographic, "drip" refers to your look or style, particularly when it’s considered extremely fashionable; consider it an updated version of the word "swag." If someone mentions your "drip," you can take it as a compliment. Automation in anything we do in our day-to-day jobs is definitely fashionable. That being said, do you ever have a question that is asked repeatedly by your supporters that you have a "canned" answer for (e.g., what do I need to do to volunteer; do I need a background check or special training)? Do you have an idea for an email campaign where you release information in parts? You're thinking about an email "drip" campaign. Did you know you can automate it as a recurring delivery? During this session, we will work with Blackbaud Luminate Online surveys, queries, and recurring deliveries to set up an automated recurring email delivery as a "drip" email campaign, releasing information in parts, through a series of email messages that drive value for your supporters who have subscribed to receive email updates from your organization. Note: HTML, CSS, and jQuery code is discussed during this session. Web developers with a basic understanding of these coding languages are recommended to attend.
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