CASE STUDY: How We Used PaperSave to Automate Gift Processing in Blackbaud CRM™

If you think that you cannot automate transaction processing because you have too many special cases, think again. Join us to see how the Greater Miami Jewish Federation leveraged PaperSave to automate intelligently by applying ideas from other disciplines, such as manufacturing and operations management, to our processing challenges. In the end, we built an integrated system that increases flow, efficiency, and quality. It converts unstructured, highly varied data into identified, classified, digitized actionable information. Our design goes beyond automation of repetitive task. We empowered the system to use rule and pattern-based decisions to move transactions along the workflow. Like a trusted underling, the system itself handles common cases and seeks help when necessary. To accomplish our goal, we partnered with PaperSave, a document management and workflow automation software that integrates with Blackbaud CRM. PaperSave offers a highly flexible, configurable product and deep programming/scripting expertise. Like magic, they brought our unique vision to life. At our session we will share our framework for tackling the challenge of automating a complex, highly variable process. Most companies look at processes linearly, step-by-step, automating the steps that are repeatable tasks and using human resources for highly varied steps that may require decisions. Our improvement approach goes one step further, offering a structured method for taming complexity.

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