The Higher Education Trifecta: Leveraging Blackbaud Award Management™ to Drive Institutional Sustainability

The Trifecta is the goal the relationship between stewardship officers, academics and financial aid. At Sam Houston State University, a working partnership has been in place for a few years. A direct result of a system-wide audit, the relationship puts every constituent in the scholarship process in the room together. This allows the stewardship officers to know how best to present scholarship opportunities to donors, Academics to have knowledge in order to help facility faculty questions and Financial Aid a chance to keep everyone in compliance before there is a real set-back. I would like the chance to present to other higher education professionals to explain how we have successfully obtained this relationship and have continued to maintain it. Last year in the panel session, there was a discussion of how there are so many silos in the process to get funding from a donor to a student. This presentation would give examples on how to break down those walls and allow communication (and trust) to all parties.

Blackbaud Award Management
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