6 MORE Fundraising Automations That Will Blow Your Mind

What if your Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT® database could clean itself while you sleep? What if all it took to create tax letters was the click of a button? What if each time a donor passed away you got an alert and a link to the obituary? Does such magic exist? You bet it does. Join Stacy Cope and Austen Brown from Prenger Solutions Group for more mind-blowing automations in this much-anticipated sequel to last year’s best-reviewed bbcon session. Automation tools like Microsoft Power Automate are transforming how development offices operate. In this fast-paced session, attendees will learn exactly how automation tools work and how you can use them with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT to delight your donors, save time, raise more money, and streamline your gift processing. Attendees will stumble out of the session shaken, but inspired in a way they haven’t felt since the day they started working in the nonprofit sector.
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