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Product Update Briefings are designed to showcase the ways each of our products is evolving. Join sessions about the products you use—or ones you’d like to know more about—to discover enhancements that can help you work more efficiently and empower your team to do more.

New registrants can express interest in attending a Product Update Briefing by answering this question under the "Personalize Your Experience" tab: 

  • Are you interested in attending a Blackbaud Product Update Briefing (October 19–20) where you will get all the details on recent innovations and future roadmap direction for your Blackbaud software?

All registrants can add Product Update Briefings to their schedule by clicking the bookmark next to the session name. See next question for more details.

Past Product Update Briefings can be found here.

No, you don’t have to register for individual sessions in order to participate.  When the conference begins, you will log in using the same credentials you used when you registered for bbcon. Once you log into the event hub, all you need to do is click the “Join Session” button to view a session broadcasting at a particular time.

If you prefer to build your own agenda, you can do so in the agenda builder by selecting the bookmark icon to the right of the session name. You can add any session you would like to attend live or on-demand. Simply navigate to My Sessions for full view of your curated schedule and when the conference beings, join by selecting the "join session" button.

You can access the agenda builder multiple ways:

  1. Click 'log in' in upper right
  2. Enter the email address and password you used to register with
  3. Click the "Agenda Builder" button on right


  1. Navigate to Sessions in top navigation
  2. Click on Agenda Builder button
  3. Login (for existing registrants) or Register Now (for those that have not registered)


Yes, all sessions will be available for on-demand viewing within 24 hours of their original broadcast time. The platform will be available to watch on demand through through December 9, 2022. 

Stay tuned for more information.

If you are having issues accessing any sessions on demand, please reach out to for help.

The Networking feature is available for everyone, but opt-in is required as part of registration.

During the registration process, you had the choice to enable sharing of your contact data in order for us to create you a networking profile. Those who did not will be able to access the virtual platform but will not have the opportunity to networking 1:1 with other attendees, Blackbaud staff,  sponsors, or speakers in the 1:1 meeting console.

If you wish to change your opt-in status, you can modify your registration and navigate to "Policy Review" and adjust your response to Networking/Profile Opt-in.

If you would like to set up a meeting, go to their profile and select REQUEST A MEETING. A box will be displayed that allows you to request to meet at a date, time, and location. Then select Request Meeting. The recipient can decide whether to go ahead and schedule the meeting or decline. The status of your meetings will appear on My Sessions. Note–You can also search and filter for specific individuals.

Yes, under your My Sessions calendar you can set you can set your availability for Networking during specific times.

The intent of these sessions is to allow for smaller group discussions, and they can be accessed in the Networking networking lounge via Spatial Chat. You can find these sessions on the session list by filtering by "networking" under session type. Add them to your calendar and click on link to navigate to the lounges. You will be entered into a main lobby and then navigate to your lounge space.  where you will select the lounge name assigned to your session on the right navigation.  


Remember that these rooms are limited to 50 people and are first-come, first-serve until the capacity is reached. Bookmarking/adding to agenda does not guarantee you a seat.

You will be staying within the bbcon platform (Swoogo) for the entire virtual experience (with exception of private events hosted by sponsors). The login credentials you registered with will be the same when you log in on Monday, October 17.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips—

  • Ensure you have a supported browser.
  • Check your internet speed to make sure your internet is fast enough for smooth playback. We recommend a minimum internet download speed of 1.5mbps for video-on-demand content and 4mbps for live event content. How fast is my internet?
  • Disable ad-blockers or other browser extensions that may be interfering with the page.
  • "Hard refresh" the page. This is done by pressing the "Ctrl-F5" keys on Windows or "Cmd-Shift-R" on Mac.
  • Close all instances of your browser then relaunch the browser and try again.
  • Clear your browser cache. You can find instructions for clearing your cache here.
  • If problems persist, reach out to us at or use the live support link on bbcon 2022 Virtual once logged in.

No webcam is required to attend the conference and attendees can experience the platform in audio-only format. Note that attendees do have the option to schedule meetings and participate in live networking sessions which will also allow you to connect through video if preferred.

There could be several causes resulting in slow or interrupted video playback. In general, if you’re connecting over Wi-Fi and experiencing constant rebuffering or other issues during playback, try moving your router to another location and away from other devices that may cause electrical interference.


  • Move your wireless router to a more central location of your home
  • Move your wireless router to an elevated surface such as a desk or on top of a bookshelf
  • Clear clutter from the vicinity of your wireless router
  • Use a hardline internet connection if available