Full Name
Shawn Paron
Job Title
Chief Operating Officer
Alzheimer Society of Ontario
Speaker Bio

Shawn Paron has worked in the not-for-profit for over a decade. She is an analytical, enthusiastic, and empathetic leader with a passion for outside-the-box and innovative ideas that produce practical solutions. Her leadership roles include all aspects of marketing, fundraising, data management, and team development including strategic planning, developing captivating marketing, and fundraising campaigns, financial management/multimillion dollar budgets, and building rapports with clients/donors and internal and external stakeholders. Shawn believes that understanding the obstacles and opportunities allows one to shift from project/situation-based problem solving to system-wide rethinking which is when innovative solutions to occur. Her most defining role and one that has impacted every aspect of Shawn’s character was that of Forensic Investigator.  This training has allowed Shawn to approach problems as mysteries to be solved and identify opportunities to make a change. She approaches work, life, and people with genuine curiosity and interest.

Shawn Paron