Amy Poehler

Actress, Director, Producer, Bestselling Author, and Humanitarian

Dr. Cornel West

Professor, Philosopher, Author, and Activist

Dara Torres

Five-Time Olympic Veteran

Marc Brackett, Ph.D.

Author of Permission to Feel

Mike Gianoni

President and CEO, Blackbaud

Justin Dillon

Founder and CEO, FRDM and Made in a Free World

Catherine LaCour

Chief Marketing Officer, Blackbaud

Meico Marquette Whitlock

Founder and CEO, Mindful Techie

Alice L. Ferris

Founder, GoalBusters

Kishshana Palmer

CEO, Kishshana & Co.

Meredith Johnson

VP, Product Management, Blackbaud

Kevin McDearis

EVP, and Chief Products Officer, Blackbaud

David Benjamin

EVP, and President of International Markets Group, Blackbaud

Rachel Hutchisson

VP, Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy, Blackbaud

Odessa Jenkins

VP, Client Success, Corporations, Blackbaud


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