If you are unable to log in to bbcon 2020 Virtual, please try clearing your cache. You can find instructions for clearing your cache here. If problems persist, reach out to us at conference@blackbaud.com.

To join us, follow these quick steps–

  1. Launch bbcon 2020 Virtual at https://bbcon.onlineeventpro.freeman.com (PRO TIP—Bookmark this page on October 5 to return easily) 


  1. Log in using your registration credentials—  
    • Email Address 
    • Registration ID


  1. Explore the bbcon goodness!  
    • Check out the mainstage lineup and go to the sessions page to plan your conference experience. Use the Add to Calendar feature for reminders. 
    • Learn about our sponsors in the Marketplace and schedule time with representatives to discuss more at bbcon. Opt in to sharing information with Marketplace vendors to ensure you don’t miss out!  
    • Visit the networking feature (opt-in required) to update your profile and start connecting with other attendees. Networking is available October 5–10, 2020. 

Experience Considerations

  • Chrome is the preferred web browser. bbcon Virtual supports the most current versions of popular web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE 11, and Firefox. 
  • NO plug-in is required to access the bbcon Virtual enviornment. An up-to-date web browser is the only requirement to participate.
  • Webcams are not required to attend bbcon Virtual, but can be used in the networking feature when meeting 1:1 or in small groups.
  • bbcon Virtual is mobile-friendly! Join on your phone or tablet if it's more convenient for you.
  • Modify your existing registration to opt in for sponsor communications and networking. We recommend reviewing your registration ahead of bbcon as changes made after the start of bbcon 2020 Virtual can take approximately thirty (30) minutes to reflect in our virtual environment. 


  • Check your internet speed to make sure your internet is fast enough for smooth playback. We recommend a minimum internet download speed of 1.5mbps for video-on-demand content and 4mbps for live event content. How fast is my internet?
  • Disable ad-blockers or other browser extensions that may be interfering with the page.
  • "Hard refresh" the page. This is done by pressing the "Ctrl-F5" keys on Windows or "Cmd-Shift-R" on Mac.
  • Close all instances of your browser then relaunch the browser and try again.
  • Clear your browser cache. You can find instructions for clearing your cache here.
  • If problems persist, reach out to us at conference@blackbaud.com or use the Help Desk feature on bbcon 2020 Virtual once logged in.

Network Error

Some attendees may have trouble accessing bbcon Virtual due to internal security restrictions.

If you are showing a "Network Error" when trying to log in to bbcon Virtual, please have your IT Security team whitelist the following addresses—

Error 400

Error 400 might have a few different causes so please try one or more of the following:

  • Clear your browser’s cookies (often found in settings)
  • Clear your browser’s cache (same settings)
  • Close out of all internet windows after clearing cookies & cache
  • Try logging in using an incognito or private browser
  • Log in using a different device

If that doesn’t work, let us know and we can send a list of addresses for your IT admin to whitelist under Network Error.

Slow Video Playback

There could be several causes resulting in slow or interrupted video playback. In general, if you’re connecting over WiFi and experiencing constant rebuffering or other issues during playback, try moving your router to another location and away from other devices that may cause electrical interference.


  • PRO TIP–For optimal viewing experience, try running an Ethernet connection instead of WiFi

  • Move your wireless router to a more central location of your home
  • Move your wireless router to an elevated surface such as a desk or on top of a bookshelf
  • Clear clutter from the vicinity of your wireless router
  • Use a hardline internet connection if available