Below is a list of sessions being presented at bbcon 2024 in Seattle. The full schedule of these sessions will be available later this summer. Please check back frequently as these are subject to change. 

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How to Lead Inclusively in an Increasingly Complex Workplace
Employee Fundraising: Activate Employees to Drive an Impactful and Creative Fundraising Campaign
Grants to Individuals: The Rise of Trust-Based Philanthropy
Developing Mighty Microsites with Blackbaud TeamRaiser®: Tips and Techniques for Any Size Production Team
Power Automate Tips and Tricks
K-12 Scholarship/Grant Tracking and Financial Reporting in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® & Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®
Data Privacy in Grantmaking: Balancing Collection and Retention
Say Goodbye to Data Headaches: How University School Streamlined Database Updates with Power Automate
How Blackbaud Delivers Software
Next-Level Integrations in Blackbaud's Education Management, and Where Things Are Going...
Looking for Higher Donor Impact?
Revolutionizing Accounts Payable with Financial Edge NXT: Automated Workflows and AI Advancements
Leveraging Global Ambassadors to Drive Impact
Mastering the Latest Updates to Online Applications in Blackbaud Grantmaking™: Tips from the Experts
The Art of Charts: Choosing the Right Visualization to Tell Your Story
Our Journey To Become Better Grantmakers: Insights from the Center for Disaster Philanthropy
Recalibrating DEI: The Movement Toward Holistic Inclusion
Unlocking the Powerful Connection between Employee Well-being and Engagement
Unlocking Efficiency with Payment Assistant: Financial Edge NXT’s Automated Payment Solution
Automation Techniques to Simplify Updating RENXT Portfolio Progress
Effective Board Engagement: Board Members’ Experiences in the Arts & Cultural and NGO Sectors
Partners or Adversaries: How Fundraising and Finance Can Share a Cohesive Money Story with Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®!
Breaking Down the First-Ever Donor Advised Fund Benchmarking Study for Nonprofits
Boost Efficiency with Conditional Logic in Blackbaud Grantmaking™️
Customer Panel: Connecting Blackbaud CRM with the Campus Ecosystem
Empowering Students to Explore Their Future and Make it More Equitable
The Nonprofit Data Mesh and AI: A Transformative Opportunity for Social Impact
Enhancing Data Integrity: Charting New Paths with Power Automate and Blackbaud RENXT
One System, One Source: How to Onboard New Families Like a Pro
Scheduling: Handling Schedule Changes During the Academic Year
Have You Inherited a Mess? Taking Your Database from Hot Mess to Success
Life Cycle of a Database Process: From Gathering Requirements to Maintaining Organized Data
Take Your P2P Events On the Go!
Insight Designer: Harnessing the Power of Your Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® Data
Organizational Development and Change: Managing Expectations and Thinking Gray
Cut the Clutter: Best Practices to Streamline and Clean Your Blackbaud eTapestry® Database
Reporting on Student Progress: Successful Report Cards and Transcripts
Advanced Lists 101
IPEDS, NSLDS, and Clearinghouse Reporting
Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® Web View Query: All-New Uses of a Classic Database Tool
Core Roles, Cloned Roles & Tasks Panel
Tech Tango: Swaying with Style – Change Management for People Who Hate Change
Blackbaud Financial Aid Management™ Roadmap and Feature Demo
Policies & Procedures for School Platform Management
Internal Controls: Your Blueprint for Maintaining Accountability of Your Federal Grants
Develop and Coach Your Gen Z Employees...or AI Will
Blackbaud Altru® Reporting: More Than Just Reports
Embracing Evolution: Leading Change in Technology Implementation
Blackbaud's Learning Management System: Bringing the New Student Assignment Experience to Life
All in with Mastery Assessment!
Decision Makers' Guide to Automation and Extensibility
Increase Online Fundraising Using Blackbaud Donation Forms
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® Database
5 Ways Finance Departments Can Use Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® to Maximize Efficiency
Accelerating Impact: Driving Conversions for Nonprofit Websites with Fundraising Software
Email Drip Campaigns: Build a Blackbaud Luminate Online® Recurring Delivery Campaign with "Drip"
Deep Dive into a Collaborative Approach: From Admissions to Retention with Continuous Enrollment
Blackbaud Enrollment Management System™ Shop Talk
Blackbaud's Learning Management System and Blackbaud Student Information System™ Shop Talk
Amplifying Employee Impact Through Generative AI
Core Shop Talk with Product Management
P2P: Level Up Your Participant Engagement—It’s More Than Just a Run/Ride/Walk
Blackbaud Luminate Online® and Your Payment Journey
Taking the Mystery Out of Custom Reporting in Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®
Navigating Bumps: Lessons Learned from Facebook One Year Later
Blackbaud Student Information System™ Tips, Tricks & Workarounds
Best Practices in Portfolio Management
Harmonizing Data for Comprehensive School Insights
Stop, Collaborate & Listen: The Power of Partners and Leveraging Blackbaud Altru®
Enhance Accounts Payable with Integrated Systems for Efficiency, Compliance, and Decision-Making
Core + Blackbaud ID: Troubleshooting Who, What, Why, How
Optimize Digital Media Advertising Using Server-Side Tagging with Luminate Online®️
CASE STUDY: How We Used PaperSave to Automate Gift Processing in Blackbaud CRM™
Boost Conversion Rates, Gain Insight Into Your Supporters & Raise More Money with Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT®
The Higher Education Trifecta: Leveraging Blackbaud Award Management™ to Drive Institutional Sustainability
Close Your Month Faster: Getting Staff Buy-In for Expense Management
The Next Generation of Blackbaud CRM™ Powered by Blackbaud SKY®
Blackbaud Institute Research: Insights into Spontaneous Giving
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®: Pioneering Innovation and Future Direction in Fund Accounting
The Future of Grantmaking: Navigating AI Trends in Philanthropy
Be a Blackbaud Merchant Services™ Superhero! Implementation Success Stories
Feed Your Fundraisers: Help Your Development Office Achieve Great Fundraising Results
Boosting Donations with Blackbaud Merchant Services™: Insights from the American Cancer Society
Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® + Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT® + Blackbaud Grantmaking™: The Sum is Greater Than the Parts
Impact Reporting: How To Set Up the Right Requirements
It’s the Little Things 2.0: 50 More Ways to Increase Productivity in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT®
Arts & Cultural Organizations: Learn How to Optimize Your Digital Customer Journey
6 MORE Fundraising Automations That Will Blow Your Mind
Blackbaud Luminate Online® Benchmarks 2023
Unleashing the Data Dragons: A Nonprofit Adventure in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Quality Quests
A Customer's Evolution from Manual to Effortless Accounts Payable Automation
The Nature Conservancy, Blackbaud CRM™, and BrightVine Data Link: A Partnership for Success
Change Up Your Questions - Exploring what you ask your grantees and how
Starting an Individual Giving Program - Regardless of your CRM!
Keeping the Focus on Financial Health, Sustainability, and Operating Reserves
Operationalizing DEI in Grantmaking
Community Engagement and Community Health
Enhancing and Optimizing Your Budgetary Processes
How UConn is leveraging Power BI + BBCRM for their Presidential Engagement Dashboard
Unlock the Power of Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® Leadership: A Dynamic Session on Navigating Success in Fundraising!
Due Diligence in Grantmaking: How to Minimize Risk Through Strong Internal Controls
Building a Culture of Innovation & Breaking Down Silos in Higher Education
Balancing Acts: Navigating Fund Management and Honoring Donor Intent
I Like To Good Move® It
The Keys to Donation Form Conversion: Design and Optimization
So Much Data, So Little Time: One Nonprofit’s Analytics Journey!
The Amazon Effect: AI-Driven Donor Models Disrupt Traditional Prospect Research
Peer-to-Peer Benchmarks 2023: Blackbaud Luminate Online® and Blackbaud TeamRaiser®
Blackbaud Donation Forms & Blackbaud CRM™ or Blackbaud Altru®: Better Together
Leveraging Online Giving Insights to Raise More
Awarding Automagic: Leveraging Imports and APIs to Eliminate Manual Effort
Unveiling Efficiency: Harnessing the Power of Blackbaud Award Management™
Leveraging Stewardship Management to Deliver Continuous Dividends
Automated Recurring Gifts for Online Giving: Everything You Want to Know but Didn't Know Who to Ask
Leveraging Mobile Technology to Streamline the Day-Of Your Events
Consensus: Payments Alignment Across Your Organization
The Art of Unlocking Hidden Revenue with Payment Fraud Prevention
Blackbaud Tuition Management™ Shop Talk
Creating and Implementing an Admissions Communication Calendar
Best Practices for Building an Integration Strategy
Peer-to-Peer Panel #2: The Future State of P2P Fundraising
The Future of Payments and Empowering Social Impact
Digital Pipeline Management: Harnessing Analytics and Automation for Mid-Level Donor Cultivation
Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Actionable Fundraising Tactics Using Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT® and Analytics
Do Prospect Researchers and Frontline Fundraisers Speak the Same Language?
York University and donorCentrics® Dashboards: Discovering Strategic Opportunities in Annual Giving
Opening the Toolbox: Utilizing Predictive Analytics to Build Your Fundraising Program
Headwinds in Fundraising and the Role of Data-Driven Storytelling
Harnessing the Power of Responsible AI and Data for Social Good
The State of Employee & Community Engagement
Did You Know Blackbaud Tuition Management™ Has a Shopping Cart?
Blackbaud Tuition Management™: Managed Services Tips & Tricks
Blackbaud Billing Management™ Shop Talk
The Trajectory of Financial Aid
Tuition and Billing Strategy